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house numbers & plaques

Step 1 Gather supplies - house numbers, template, raw steel studs, aluminum spacers, (tape, adhesive, hammer, drill and drill bit - not provided)
Step 2 Tape template at desired location, use level to align template. Drill holes according to template - use 11/64" drill bit (3/16" for masonry or rock)
Step 3 Epoxy one end of the steel stud.
Step 4 Push steel stud into hole on the back of the number. Light tapping with a hammer may be required, be careful not to scratch the face of the number
Step 5 Slide aluminum spacers over steel studs and apply epoxy to the end of the stud.
Step 6 Push number into holes, light tapping with a hammer may be required.

quickship house numbers

Step 1 Arrange individual paper templates in desired order. Gather supplies: tape and ruler (not included). For horizontal arrangement, go to step 2A. For vertical arrangement, skip to step 3A.
Step 2A - HORIZONTAL ARRANGEMENT Align templates horizontally using labeled guidelines at top and bottom.
Step 2B - HORIZONTAL ARRANGEMENT Determine your desired spacing between numbers on the available space. Use a ruler to measure space the between each number. Overlap of paper template edges is to be expected. Skip to step 4.
Step 3A - VERTICAL ARRANGEMENT Align templates vertically using labeled vertical guideline.
Step 3B - VERTICAL ARRANGEMENT Align “X” marks on each template at top and bottom to achieve equal spacing between each number. Keep vertical guidelines aligned. Overlap of paper template edges is to be expected.
Step 4 Use clear tape to connect individual templates together. Keep guidelines straight, maintain your desired spacing. This is your drilling guide. Overlap of paper template edges is to be expected.
Now, proceed to "house numbers & plaques" installation instructions above.

mailbox numbers

Step 1 Gather supplies - mailbox numbers, (tape, and ruler - not provided)
Step 2 Clean off the mailbox surface, measure the desired number location, and place a piece of tape to align the bottom of the numbers
Step 3 Peel off the number backing and align with tape, press numbers firmly onto mailbox
Step 4 Remove the front transfer film and tape

curb stencil

Step 1 Gather supplies - curb stencil, (spray paint, paper roll, and masking tape - not provided)
Step 2 Clean concrete surface of loose debris and press stencil firmly onto concrete at desired location. Remove front transfer film and tape edges.
Step 3 Paint stencil (be careful not to overspray)
Step 4 Allow paint to dry and remove stencil