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Palm Springs typeface updated 5.17.18


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Palm Springs: 123 Abc
Austin: 123 Abc
SoCal: 123 Abc


Turn heads with a stylish plaque in your choice of our modern shapes, fonts and finishes. Your combination of numbers/letters are stencil-cut from a solid 3/8” thick aluminum plate. Included hardware is concealed for subtle shadow effect. Numbers and letters with voids in their centers (4,6,8,9, etc.) have 1/8” wide integrated tabs connecting the solid aluminum center back to the plaque while preserving the integrity of the typeface. Individualized installation template, mounting hardware, and detailed install instructions included. Made-to-order and precision crafted in 10 business days.

To protect against the elements, brushed aluminum plaques are finished with a high-quality clear UV-resistant clear coat, and our durable powder coated finishes, highly recommended for coastal and industrial areas, are available in matte black, matte brass, dark bronze and white.

Plaques have limited visibility. Refer to Visibility Chart for detailed information.

Due to the individualized nature of this product, we are unable to make modifications or accept returns. Please double check your order for accuracy.

Large quantities, bulk orders, and custom sizes available by request.

Made-to-order plaques available in two fonts and three shapes: circle, square, rectangle. Choose from a variety of stylish text alignment options including centered, bottom justified, and right justified. Plaque legibility is limited. Refer to Visibility Chart for detailed information.

  • individually made-to-order
  • material: 3/8” thick, recycled aluminum
  • mounting hardware: 2” steel studs*, ½” aluminum spacers.
    steel studs must be fully concealed and protected from the elements.
  • text is stencil cut from solid 3/8” aluminum plate
  • mounts ½” off wall, or flush
  • concealed hardware included
  • individualized, full-scale installation template included
  • step-by-step installation instructions included
  • legibility varies by size/finish, refer to Visibility Chart for detailed information.
  • production time: 10 business days
  • made in the USA
  • ships worldwide
  • sorry, no modifications or returns on these made-to-order plaques
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  • plaques are best viewed at close range, see Visibility Chart.
  • recommended location has building or site lighting for enhanced visibility
  • plaques, especially black and dark bronze, are most legible when installed on a surface with a contrasting background
  • walls, fences, columns, garages, and monuments are common locations
  • plaques can be installed on wood, stucco, stone, brick, concrete and metal
  • for viewing distances greater than 50', consider address numbers in a height of 6" or more
  • select a size and shape that complements your desired text: choose from round, square, rectangular, or request a custom size
  • the size of your plaque and the size of the text will impact legibility
  • our Palm Springs font has greater legibility as compared to our SoCal or Austin fonts
  • choose a plaque shape and typeface – Palm Springs, SoCal, or Austin – to reflect your personal style
  • other fonts and sizes available, upon request, for a small design fee
  • the size, typeface, and finish of your plaque will impact legibility – see our visibility chart
  • our Palm Springs font has greater legibility compared to our SoCal or Austin fonts, especially for matte black and dark bronze finishes
  • choose from right justified, bottom justified or centered
color & visibility:
  • matte black and dark bronze powder coat for maximum contrast on light surfaces
  • brushed aluminum, matte bronze and white powder coat for maximum contrast on dark surfaces
  • legibility varies by plaque size, finish, font, and installation location and surface
  • plaques are best viewed at close range. legibility is impacted by plaque size, shape, font, installation location and installation surface. refer to Visibility Chart for more information.
  • horizontal orientation is standard for all plaques
  • vertical orientation available upon request
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