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modern house numbers

{numbers: 2sday!}

September 05, 2017

it's 2sday in the shop! we love this matte, dark bronze powder coat finish. on our socal font, it's a little feminine, a little masculine, and a whole lot of just right!  2sday, all day!

#modernhousenumbers #socal #housenumbers #addressnumbers #powdercoat #2sday

{plaques: address satisfaction!}

August 31, 2017

this set of custom plaques is giving us some serious address zen in the shop. we love the bottom justified text in our palm springs typeface. we're a little sad to see them go, but we can't wait to see where they land!  if you have an idea for a custom plaque, let us know! we'd love to help. you'd be surprised at how affordable customizing our products can be.

#modernhousenumbers #plaques #housenumbers #addressnumbers #gocustom  #wehavethebestcustomers